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Keepsafe Unlisted

Protect your number

Keeps texts and calls private.

Keepsafe Unlisted for...

  • Dating

    Keep safe when you date. Get a burner phone number for private texts and calls, so you can cut off contact when you want.

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  • Business

    Separate your professional life from your personal life. Add a dedicated business line to your phone today. 

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Protect personal info with burner numbers for private texts/calls.

How it works:

  1. Pick numbers from any area code in US or Canada.
  2. Send/receive calls, texts, and photos.
  3. Stay in control with new phone numbers.
  4. Reliable service with Internet connection (VoIP).

Subscribe or prepay for new lines, texts, and call minutes.

Privacy, your way

Burnable phone numbers.

  • Get new numbers fast

    Add and delete new numbers anytime

  • Put safety first

    Protect yourself when dating or buying and selling online

  • Control texts and calls

    Keep business and personal life separate

More Info

Keepsafe Unlisted

Keepsafe Unlisted is a second phone number app that protects your primary cell phone number. Get new burner phone numbers in any area code in the U.S. and Canada for private calls and texts. This phone number changer blocks spam calls and takes mobile security to a new level. Try Keepsafe Unlisted and get a temporary phone number now!

Your privacy is your business!

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