Our Manifesto

Keepsafe gives you the gift of discretion.
In an era when it seems impossible to keep anything to yourself, privacy is the new freedom.
Providing you the power to own that privacy is Keepsafe’s mission.
You need freedom to be yourself:
To organize your life.
To set your own boundaries.
You need the freedom to share only the things you wish with only those you trust.
Keepsafe makes that possible.
We make privacy a simple act in your everyday life. We give you a protected space on all of your devices where you keep your most important things safe.

How We Do It

The ‘how we do it’ question isn’t asked often by consumers but when it comes to content privacy, the technology behind it is of utmost importance.

Everything you put in Keepsafe is encrypted on your device using the cipher AES-256, considered among the most secure in the world and labeled “bank-level” or “military-grade” by many.

Our back-ups are also encrypted and there are multiple layers of encryption keys, which are managed by your device and by the back-up system. No Keepsafe employee will access or view your content and we have systems in place that prevent this.

  • We use military-grade encryption
  • Your backups are also encrypted
  • Keepsafe employees can’t access your content

Who Uses Keepsafe?

With more than 50 million users across iOS and Android, our app serves up the opportunity for privacy to anyone who wants it.

Keepsafe is a godsend when it comes to organizing and keeping photos as private as possible. I never have to worry about photo submissions being out in the wrong hands. It keeps me content in the knowledge that with safe send my editors can view the material without it potentially being leaked.

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Meet Our Team

Here are the people who get up every day to make digital privacy an easy thing to control.

San Francisco

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Global Support

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Meet Our Investors

These firms are backing us on our mission to empower everyone to control their privacy.

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Keepsafe makes privacy simple in the digital world. More than 60 million people rely on Keepsafe’s secure vault to protect their private photos, videos and documents. For people who want control over their privacy, peace of mind, and the freedom to be themselves, Keepsafe locks down personal items so they stay private.

Founded in 2012, and based in San Francisco, Keepsafe is on a mission to protect people's personal space.