The Keepsafe Manifesto

Keepsafe protects your personal space.

Our mission is making privacy and security simple. In an era that’s overvalued sharing, privacy is the new freedom. You need to feel safe and free to be yourself. Set your own boundaries, organize your life and control your privacy. Share only the things you wish with only those you trust. We give you protected space on your devices to keep important things safe. Keepsafe puts your privacy first to make space for the real you.

How we do it

Keepsafe uses cipher AES-256 encryption, considered among the most secure in the world and “bank-level” or “military-grade” across all of its privacy and security apps.

  • Military-grade encryption

    Our back-ups are also encrypted, which are managed by your device and by Keepsafe’s back-up system

  • Encrypted backups

    Back-ups are encrypted with multiple layers of encryption keys

  • No access for Keepsafe employees

    We have systems in place so that no employees ever access or view your content

Meet the people who live for making your privacy and security simple

Working at Keepsafe

Interested in joining the Keepsafe team? We’re always looking for talented people to join us.


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