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5 web browser alternatives to Chrome and Firefox on Android

February 17, 2019

Privacy is important both on your device and when surfing the web. KeepSafe Browser is another app that understands this and includes protection while you browse.

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Surf the Internet Safer in 2019 with Keepsafe Browser

January 2, 2019

Most New Year’s resolutions focus on building better habits for fitness, career success, and even love. But what about better Internet practices? Resolve to browse safely on mobile in 2019 with Keepsafe Browser.

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Keepsafe launches My Number Lookup so you can see the public data tied to your mobile number

December 13, 2018

Ever wonder how much of your personal information is accessible to marketers? Well, there’s a new service called My Number Lookup that makes it easy (and free) for you to check the data that’s publicly available and tied to your mobile phone number.

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Founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, CA, Keepsafe is on a mission to protect people’s personal space.