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Securely encrypts online activity on public WiFi.

The best virtual private network

No tracking ever. Hides your location.

  • Simple to use

    Visit sites around the world without restrictions

  • No logs

    Makes your online activity totally private

  • Fast and auto-connects

    Keeps you safe from hackers when you join an unsecured public network

Protects personal data when you browse the Internet.

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Keepsafe VPN

Keepsafe VPN is a mobile security app for Android and iOS devices. This private VPN app gives you phone protection when browsing on any public WiFi hotspot in common locations like cafes, airports and hotels. Keepsafe VPN shields personal data by creating an encrypted tunnel for your Internet activity and hides your location so you can browse any site from anywhere. Keep mobile browsing and apps secure with Keepsafe VPN – the best VPN service. Get an added layer of mobile security for browsing now. Try Keepsafe VPN!