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Keepsafe Browser

Surf discreetly

Designed to protect your privacy.

The most private browser available

Fast, effortless browsing with privacy controls.

  • Protect browsing with a PIN-code

    Use Touch, Fingerprint or Face ID to unlock app

  • Go incognito with secret tabs

    Close tabs to forget browsing history, cookies and URLs and clear data

  • Prevent being tracked and secure your data

    Turn on tracker blockers for ads, social networks, analytics and content

More Info

Keepsafe Browser

Keepsafe Browser is an incognito mobile browser app designed to protect private web searches and prevent tracking. The secure, private browser allows you to protect your private Internet viewing with a password-protected PIN code. In private and incognito mode, use secret browser tabs that delete all browsing activity and keep no history. Turn on tracker blockers to assure no tracking by ads, social networks, analytics and content services. With Keepsafe Browser you finally have a secret browser for protecting your most private searches. Now also available with Keepsafe VPN for an added layer of mobile security. Try Keepsafe Browser now!