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Date Smarter and Safer Infographic

Keepsafe Breaks Down Risks And Rewards of Finding Love Online

The prospect of finding love can be simultaneously thrilling and exhausting. With so many convenient online dating apps and services out there, it’s critical to understand potential safety risks and take precautions. Protecting your personal space and your phone security is especially important when you’re developing new relationships. That’s why we’ve shared dating tips for protecting privacy and created the infographic below with online dating statistics from industry sources and Keepsafe studies.


While online daters may assume they are playing it safe, being aware of pitfalls and taking advantage of simple protections is an easy way to date defensively. Listen to your instincts! If dating has become stressful, getting a short-term second phone number just for dating will help you draw boundaries with people you don’t already know well. If your relationship doesn’t work out, you can stop unwanted calls with a burnable number.


Dating Infographic

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