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Protect Your Phone from Your Kids

And Your Kids From Your Phone

If you’re an adult, you do adult things, and sometimes you record yourself doing them. But you don’t want your kids—or anyone else’s—to see things they’re not old enough to see. Conversations about the strange and wonderful things adults do should happen when kids are ready to have them, not when they’ve stumbled upon something shocking and confusing, and you’re scrambling to control the damage. Trust us, it’s no fun explaining to a six-year old why a woman in a bikini is mixing a margarita in Aunt Susie’s mouth.

Keeping kids away from your phone just isn’t an option. They pick pockets for them. They rummage through purses and backpacks. They even unplug them from charging cables, because they don’t recognize the sanctity of the charging device.

Not recording and photographing NSFK things isn’t an option either. You’re an adult, and in exchange for the hassles and responsibilities of adulthood, you get to have adult stuff on your phone. It’s in the Constitution! Or it should be.

So here’s what you need to do:

First, disable lock-screen notifications. That way, no inappropriate texts or news alerts can prematurely pop the innocence bubble. In the age of headlines like “President Paid Pornstar,” that can only be a good thing.

Next, install privacy apps on your phone. To make sure your photos and videos stay private, use a photo locker. We recommend our photo lock app, Keepsafe Photo Vault, which protects photos and videos behind a PIN code. Back up photos with cloud storage, and invite friends to protected shared albums. If you’re an Android user, use the Keepsafe Calculator decoy app to hide the very existence of your photo album.

Private search is another right that should be enshrined in our Constitution, and Keepsafe Browser will keep your search history from becoming dinner-table conversation. Protect your Internet browsing behind a PIN code, Fingerprint ID, or lock pattern. Go incognito with secret tabs. Close them and clear your browsing history, cookies, URLs, and data. Avoid getting asked why you looked up “phomo” or “AYFKM” on Urban Dictionary. Our incognito browser will spare you the third-degree about your Googling of Dua Lipa. You’re allowed to learn about new artists!

For security from hackers (who are essentially poorly raised children), use a VPN whenever you’re on public Wi-Fi. Keepsafe VPN creates an encrypted tunnel to protect your browsing data, and it masks your location, allowing you to browse any site from anywhere.

If you use an Android, use Keepsafe App Lock to choose which apps to keep private. Lock them behind a PIN code, Fingerprint ID, or lock pattern, and keep those sticky kid fingers from tapping into inappropriate content. Keep your photos, videos, texts, and browser to yourself, and leave the little ones with nothing but Candy Crush (or Solitaire, if you like to watch joy drain from their adorable faces).

With the right settings, a private photo vault, private browser app, VPN, and App Lock, you can relax, knowing you’ve achieved total phone protection. Your kids stay safe, your data stays safe, and your personal space stays personal.

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