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How to Ruin Your Valentine’s Day Proposal

In Five Easy Steps

Valentine’s Day is coming which means secret plans are underway. Lucky for you, we know the best ways to ensure that as many people as possible find out about your marriage proposal plans ahead of time, and if you follow our instruction closely, we even guarantee your fiance-to-be will find out.

And so we offer you the definitive guide to ruining a surprise proposal.

1. Save tons of ring photos to your camera roll

People love photos. Use that to your advantage. Peeking at pictures is one of the most common reasons people look at others’ phones. So if anyone goes browsing through your photo albums, this will ensure they see images of the engagement rings you’ve been considering.

2. Tell people your mobile passcode

If you want our plan to be foolproof, don’t use a mobile passcode at all. But if you can’t resist locking your phone, make sure people know the passcode. Share it with everyone — your parents, your future in-laws, your roommates, your friends and most especially your significant other! Quiz them on your passcode so anyone can get into your phone for any reason, at any time. For goodness sake, once you’ve made sure everyone knows it, don’t change it!

3. Browse away

Keep your phone’s web browser open to sites you’ve been looking at while planning your proposal. This way, no matter who opens your phone (and they will now that they have your passcode), they can’t help but see what you’ve been looking at. If you prefer browsing in “private mode”, your loved ones will recognize your sneakiness by the unmistakeable black search bar in Safari or Chrome.

4. Never clear your browser history

Look, we know it’s hard to get the hang of these steps, and you might accidentally close your browser. That’s why it’s a good idea to have this safeguard in place to make sure that you never clear your browser history for any reason. This ensures that people will still see anything you’ve been researching and planning.

5. Hand people your unlocked phone as often as possible

This might be the most important step, because the possibilities are endless, and it ensures that all of the other steps you’ve taken are successful. Unlock your phone and then just hand it to someone… anyone! The more you share your unlocked phone the more you’ll increase your chances for someone to see something personal. In fact, maybe they’ll see something they weren’t even looking when a notification pops up on your phone while they’re holding it. This is your most essential step, because you’re offering up your phone and anything on it on a silver platter.

Follow these steps for Valentine’s Day, and you can breathe easy knowing your plans are as good as ruined. You can thank us later.

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