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Keepsafe’s Privacy Policy in Four Sentences

Your Privacy is Your Business

Technology brings convenience and endless hours of entertainment to our lives. Today when you use free applications, you often give up your personal data for the right to use services. Frequently the trade-offs and service rules are explained in a company’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Before you can create an account with a desired service you must agree to the small print.

Here’s the problem — you don’t want to read pages of legalese, you want to create an account! Technology companies want to reduce barriers to get new customers. Lawyers want to charge a lot of money for writing impossibly dense language to cover every possible scenario.

Which brings us to the status quo. Tech companies include comprehensive Terms of Service and Privacy Policies, but also make it as easy as possible for you to gloss over them. Now you can easily sign up for countless services without a notion of what you are giving up and how your private data is handled. And guess what? The company is still covered, because you checked a box or implicitly agreed to the terms when you signed up.

Since Keepsafe’s focus is helping people protect personal privacy in the digital age, we made our privacy statement easy to understand.
1. We don’t look in your Keepsafe
The point of Keepsafe is to protect people’s private pictures, videos, documents and apps. Rarely, people ask us to access their account to help resolve an issue. When we do, we get explicit permission and use discretion.

2. We look at data to improve ourselves

We can’t improve what we don’t measure, so we collect, anonymize and aggregate usage data. We use it to improve Keepsafe and your experience.

3. We safeguard your identity

We support free Keepsafe with ads. We only show ads from companies we trust. When we partner with third-parties, they only use anonymized data to improve Keepsafe’s experience. Premium Keepsafe customers never see ads!

4. We only reveal your data for legal or safety reasons

Keepsafe has to operate within the letter of the law. If we are subpoenaed or suspect that you’ve violated our Terms or Privacy Policy, we may be forced to access your account and share it with the authorities. Otherwise principle #1 stands!

Wouldn’t it be great if every service used plain language that everyone could understand to explain their policies? At Keepsafe, we’re strong believers that your privacy belongs to you. Privacy need not be complex, it can be simple and straightforward. That’s why we’re changing the privacy landscape one product (and privacy policy) at a time.

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