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Life Hack: Everyone Can Use VPNs

Get Cheaper Plane Tickets, Safety And More

For far too long VPNs have been the domain of techies. The definition of a virtual private network has been cloaked behind that three letter initialism and needless complexity. Today, we break it down for you and tell you all the reasons a VPN can make your life easier, safer, even magical.

How VPNs Work — Plain and Simple
Imagine for a moment that the WiFi hotspot you use at Starbucks or the airport or a hotel is a transparent orb. When you sign on to a public network with or without a password, the personal data you transmit could be intercepted by that network’s administrator or worse, someone lingering on the network intending to steal your data.

If you have a VPN, you create an encrypted tunnel for your personal data that makes it unreadable and obscures your location; keeping your data from being stolen or misused. It also protects your privacy and identity — no one can see where you go, what you do online or what you purchase.

VPNs typically allow you to choose a country’s server location to keep your own, actual IP address private. When a VPN encrypts your data, it makes it appear random and nonsensical to those without the encryption key. A great VPN gives you an option to auto-connect when you aren’t on a trusted network (like your home or work network), so you don’t have to remember to connect every time you access a WiFi hotspot.

A Word Before you Install…
There’s an important caveat here. Not all VPNs are made alike. Your VPN could conceivably monitor (if they keep logs) or even sell or misuse your activity; so find one by a brand you trust that keeps no logs of customers’ web surfing activity. Make sure your VPN has a history of protecting customer privacy! Pay for your VPN too, so you there’s a clear value exchange, which will reduce the likelihood that your VPN is selling your data to a third-party in order to keep its business model viable.

The Good Stuff
Now that you have a VPN, there’s a whole new world of possibilities for what you can do and the protection you can achieve with newfound privacy on the Internet.

Safeguard Passwords
When you sign onto personal accounts like banking sites, email, and social media accounts that data is obfuscated so that information is less prone to being stolen. With a VPN, you are taking steps to protect your identity, your financial standing and your personal accounts from being hijacked or hacked.

Enjoy WiFi Hotspots
Sign onto any free public WiFi anywhere in the world knowing your personal data, browsing history, and location are protected. You can safely take advantage of hotspots in airports, hotels, libraries and restaurants to use free Internet securely.

Shop For Discounted Airline Tickets
Since a VPN hides your location and allows you to select which IP region you’d like to appear to be coming from, you can take advantage of arbitrage in today’s travel industry. Plane tickets to the same locations can be less expensive from certain geographic regions. Try it out and land some deals!

Access Your Favorite Sites When You Travel
There are countries far and wide that restrict the websites their residents can visit. With a VPN, you can make it look like you’re visiting your favorite social media and content sites from another location. You can stay in contact with friends and family and even stay up to date on your favorite shows no matter where you are in the world.

Protect Your Personal Safety
Unfortunately there are all sorts of creepy ways people can use your own device against you to control and cyberstalk you. With a VPN, your GPS can’t be tracked (because your location is obscured) and malware is much harder to plant on your device. Stay one step ahead of and out of reach of anyone who may want to cause you harm by protecting your digital privacy as well as your physical privacy.

Try Keepsafe VPN
It’s easy to use, fast to connect and completely protects your privacy.
Now you can go forth and be free! Conquer the Internet and the world as you stay safe, safeguard your financial freedom, economize and explore. When you know about the tools that can help you; you can protect your personal space, be yourself and live your life to the fullest.

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