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Date Safely With A Burner Number from Keepsafe Unlisted

How Our Second Phone Number App Protects Your Privacy

Swipe right all you want, smash all you want, but for the love of privacy, don’t give your number to people you’ve just met. Do your homework first: get their last name (and middle initial to save time when you search for them on the Internet), scroll through their tweets, likes, follows, Facebook and Insta timelines.

What are you looking for? The usual red flags: tasteless Halloween costumes, too many photos of exes, all-caps posts for or against the existence of Sasquatch… you get the idea. If you don’t see anything suspicious, and they haven’t asked you for money, flaked on you, or bragged about their Bitcoin, maybe it’s OK to consider handing over your number.

Does that mean you have to do all your communicating through some clunky online dating app or over email, like it’s 1999?

No! You just need Keepsafe Unlisted, the privacy app that gives you a burner phone number in any area code in the US or Canada.

If you haven’t seen The Wire, you might be wondering, “What is a burner phone?”

A temporary phone number that you can throw away when you’re done with it, just like the broken husks of your scorned lovers.

Use Keepsafe Unlisted to protect your personal info, texts, and calls by choosing a disposable burner phone number—or a permanent secondary phone number. All you need is an Internet connection. Unlisted is the most reliable calling and texting service available with VoIP. (And no calls or texts ever appear on your phone bill.)

Use your iOS or Android phone, enjoy call forwarding and voicemail, and share all the photos you want. (For a really hot photo, try sending a screenshot of your 401K. Saving is sexy!)

With the Unlisted phone number app, if your mysterious, exciting date crosses the line into sketchy, creepy, or clingy, burn that number and move on with your life.


Burner phone numbers can be useful in other situations, too. These days every restaurant and barbershop wants you to enter your phone number into their waitlist app, but you don’t know where your data goes from there. With a burner number, you can avoid leaving unnecessary digital footprints everywhere you go. Also, if you’re buying or selling something on Craigslist, use a temporary phone number to protect your primary number from getting captured by a marketing database.  (We hear burner numbers are also good for staying a step ahead of those alumni-fund bloodhounds and other fundraisers you want to avoid.)


Want to save photos you exchange in Keepsafe Unlisted before you burn that number? Keepsafe Photo Vault is secret photo storage for your phone and tablet. Your photos are locked, encrypted, and backed up with cloud storage so they free up space on your phone. Access protected, shared albums by invitation-only.

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