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There’s A Data Privacy Day

And It’s Today!

On this January 28, Keepsafe is once again a Data Privacy Day Champion. We send you our best wishes for a happy Data Privacy Day! Don’t tell us how you celebrated it, because that is your business and your business alone.

But here at Keepsafe, we go big:

First, we fill the giant holiday safe with family photos and decorate it with old flip phones strung from charger cables. The photo safe symbolizes Keepsafe Photo Vault, our photo locker app that lets you hide pictures from prying eyes.

Then, holding our burner phones aloft, we sing the traditional Data Privacy Day songs (The Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” Rockwell’s “Someone’s Watching Me,” and, of course, “Private Eyes” by Hall and Oates).

Next, the traditional Bored Millennial raises her eyes from her phone long enough to ask, “What like, even is Data Privacy Day?”

An elder among us patiently explains, “It’s an international event devoted to empowering individuals and encouraging businesses to respect data privacy, safeguard data, and enable trust.”

“Like, who started it?”

“Why, the National Cyber Security Alliance. They educate consumers on how they can own their online presence, and they show organizations how privacy is good for business.”

Everyone gathers around the “Fireplace For Your Home” Netflix movie to play games, like Most Embarrassing Internet Search. We all use our privacy app Keepsafe Browser, so no one’s worried about searches like Can you get athlete’s foot on your hand? showing up in their history or being used by advertisers. Just like, when we compete for Most Unflattering Selfie, no one worries about their photos ending up on the Internet. We all use our picture app Keepsafe Photo Vault, which offers PIN-code password protection, fingerprint or Touch ID, and military-grade encryption. Android users can even use Keepsafe Calculator, a decoy app icon that provides one more layer of security.


Once we’ve run out of edamame, which we eat in the shell (because we respect its privacy), somebody starts up “Fireplace For Your Home: Birchwood Edition,” and we take turns telling scary stories about mobile security. Tales abound of souls (well, data) lost to hackers on unsecured public WiFi because they didn’t use Keepsafe VPN. Without the encryption and location masking of our safe VPN, they were sitting ducks. Just like the well-meaning person who let her young nephew play with her phone. She didn’t have Keepsafe App Lock, and two minutes later the kid was downloading Fortnite and reading late-night sexts she’d totally forgotten were there. Someone always has a good ghost(-ing) story to tell, like the one about the person who foolishly gave an online date their personal phone number instead of using a temporary number with Keepsafe Unlisted, our phone security app. The date turned out to be sketchy, and it took weeks of ignored phone calls for the ghosted date to finally get the message. Pretty scary stuff!

Finally, we all go home and sleep the untroubled sleep of people who have taken proactive steps to protect their personal space. We dream of a safer web for all.

Until the next Data Privacy Day celebration: may all your data be secure, your searches incognito, and your apps locked!



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