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Top Five Reasons To Use A VPN

How Phone Security Apps Work To Keep You Safe

Signing on to a public WiFi network can feel like a real leap of faith. You look around your local coffee shop or the hotel where you’re staying, and everyone suddenly seems less trustworthy. Is that a student, or a potential hacker waiting to sniff out your data? You don’t know, and instead of checking your bank balance on your phone, you find yourself wondering if you’re paranoid.

The bad news: you’re not paranoid. Mobile security, like leather interior in a car, does not come standard.

The good news: for a safer web experience using a public WiFi hotspot, you can get a mobile VPN app.

So, what does VPN mean?

Virtual Private Network. Instead of shooting your personal information straight from your phone to the Internet, it moves through another server, which encrypts that information before sending it along. It’s like the phone booth Clark Kent uses to change into his cape. No one knows Superman’s real identity, and no one will know your credit card info.

How do you access a VPN?

Download Keepsafe VPN, our privacy app, which allows you to choose a server location in another country so your personal IP address stays private. Keepsafe VPN also encrypts your Internet activity, making your data appear random and nonsensical to anyone who may be lurking on a public network.

But do you really need to use VPN to keep safe on public WiFi?

Yes! Just like you need to lock your door at night. Here are the top five reasons to use a safe VPN:

  1. Don’t fear the hackers. When you sign-on to your personal banking, email, or social-media accounts, the VPN encrypts that data to keep your personal information safe and unreadable to anyone on public networks.
  2. Be yourself. Surf the web without feeling like Big Brother, or Big Data, is watching. Visit any site from anywhere, and bypass country-specific site restrictions.
  3. Protect personal safety. Enabling VPN prevents cyberstalkers, burglars, and any other villians from knowing where you are.
  4. Use public hotspots like a boss. Your VPN protects your privacy on public networks in cafes, airports, and restaurants. To visit sites around the world without restrictions, just set your location, and Keepsafe VPN will auto-connect and notify you whenever you join an unsecured WiFi hotspot.
  5. Find better deals. By changing your VPN location, you can unlock location-based discounts for airline tickets, rental cars, and hotels.

Out of all the phone security apps, why choose Keepsafe VPN?

  • Keepsafe VPN is the best VPN because it encrypts your data on public networks to keep you safe.
  • By hiding your location, Keepsafe VPN app allows you to browse any site from anywhere.
  • Keepsafe VPN has no logs, so neither ISPs nor IT administrators can track you.

For the most secure browsing and phone security app, get Keepsafe Browser. It’s the most private browser app available.

  • Set up a PIN code, fingerprint, or Face ID to unlock the browser.
  • Go incognito with secret tabs. When you close them, your browsing history, URLs, and data disappear.
  • Turn on the tracker blocker to keep advertisers, social networks, and content providers from following your every move.
  • Turn on Keepsafe VPN to also encrypt your Internet connection.

Try Keepsafe Browser, a browser designed for your privacy, now with Keepsafe VPN.


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